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Foreign students

An international scope
Welcoming foreign students

Parallel 14 is a school located in the very heart of the Caribbean , a perfect global au coeur de la caraïbe et de l’international. Hence the steps we have been taking to offer the best experience possible to foreign students within our school. – A clear list of all the necessary steps to take in order to register with us and get settled in Martinique is offered to better help those who wish to join us prepare their stay in advance.

Regarding the language barrier, we have partnered with Carib’lang, a structure dedicated to managing interns from various countries willing to experience working abroad. Carib’lang’s focus is on providing a favorable environment for interns to broaden their language skills in a workplace setting. They will offer you language classes in English, French or Spanish as well as assistance as you settle in Martinique..(Carib’lang fees to be paid separately by the student)

Regarding all administrative steps and paperwork needed to welcome foreign students, we are working in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Martinique (CCIM). As a structure handling international oriented professional training , their expertise in dealing with the administrative steps to welcome foreign learners has been expanding over the years.