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About us

PARALLEL14 is a Caribbean privately run higher education school dedicated to innovative domains such as 3D animation cinema, digital visual effects and video games. As a matter of fact, this Caribbean school is primarily destined to train French West-Indian students as well as French Guiana students and Caribbean students in general.


Here in the Caribbean, more and more young people are interested in the innovative jobs involving 3D. This emerging market is worth billion of euros on a global scale, and people mastering new technical skills are constantly sought.

Technical 3D innovation includes visual effects in the film industry, 3D animation film, conception of virtual varchitecture for real estate projects, creation of video games. It is also behind the emergence of augmented reality, mobile applications, music videos, advertising, stereoscopy ( for « 3D » films), photography, computer graphics, web, digital communication and so on.

In many of these domains, companies are currently hiring to fill a wide range of positions. People with the right set of specific technical skills and broad art culture are highly sought..

The Founders

PARALLEL 14’s founders, Saidou Bernabé and Yoane Pavadé, have worked in the 3D visual effects and animation industries for 15 years. Some of the largest international visual effects and animation studios (Weta Digital, Double Negative, Buf Company, The Mill, Passion pictures, Universal Mac Guff ) have relied on their expertise.

They have worked on some of the biggest feature film projects such as Underworld, Batman The Dark Knight, Despicable Me, John Carter. Their work also includes The Hobbit, the visual effects of which have been created in Peter Jackson’s studio, Weta Digital, well known for its visual effects for The Lord of The Rings, King Kong and Avatar.

Emboldened by their experience, they found PARALLEL 14, an international school primarily destined to train Caribbean and Guianian youth to 3D animation and VFX professions.

Saïdou Bernabé

Co-Founder / Chairman
Saïdou Bernabé

Lighting Supervisor in CG industry, Head teacher, art director.

Yoane Pavadé

Co-Founder / Director
Yoane Pavadé

Lead character animator, Head teacher, Art director

The French Touch right in the heart of the Caribbean

Being a 3D student in Martinique gives you the opportunity to live in a tropical paradise while enjoying great weather all year round !

Martinique , being located in the heart of the Caribbean, right in the middle of the Americas, is a place which benefits from its unique surroundings : it is a place where you can find a certain quality of life and many professional opportunities. Acting as a hub between the Americas and Europe, Martinique is an inspiring environment for students. In Martinique, discover French living with a Caribbean twist !