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Studying at Parallel 14 means benefiting from a teaching dynamic revolving around students immersion into the real world production process environment.

Armed with practical knowledge of the industries, of the ever mutating market and of the studios needs, people in the managing team of PARALLEL 14 – most of them being currently active professionals in the field – hold a major teaching advantage when it comes to training highly qualified artists-technicians in each field who will be more than able to meet the demands of hiring companies.

Parallel 14 is providing training for a certification at Bachelor degree level (BAC+4) primarily destined to holders the baccalaureate (French) or holders of any international equivalent title. This curriculum is destined to those willing to work in the fields of 3D animation,3D visual special effects or video game.

To enter Parallel 14 you’ll need to pass the entry examination.

Our long program is organised as follow :

Preparatory program : Immersion & deep training 

This cycle which lasts for two years allows students to get immersed into image and gain knowledge and skills applicable to image (as in image culture, academic sketch, photography, video, computer graphic work, 2D animation, 3D initiation, and so on…) so that they are subsequently ready to move on to their specialty program.

Specialty program : 3D animation film, digital special effects, video games 

During two years, students will be taught all about one of the three following specialist fields : 3D animation film, Visual effects (VFX) and video game(Game Art/ Game design and programming).

The choice is made by affinity in in accordance with the teaching staff’s opinion.

Validation of studies

Parallel14 delivers its own certificate of end of studies.

However, the school is in the process of obtaining a level II RNCP certification (delivered by a state-run body) All students who have attended the whole program, classes, training sessions, production sessions and have completed their internships, those who have presented their final papers and passed will be eligible to said certification.