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We recommand that you browse our school pedagogic approach guide. In the section untitled « Practical living » of the « International scope » you will find all our tips to better help you settle into your student life in Martinique at PARALLEL 14.

A certain number of local institutions can guide foreign students seeking accomodation in Martinique. The CROUS offers a great range of flat/room rental ads. Students can also turn to student associations or to the CIDJ.

Sometimes, available rooms can be found in student houses and young workers hostels.

Moreover, PARALLEL 14 is working in collaboration with a network of guest houses, the contact information of which you can get upon request.

Foreign students can access all necessary information regarding their health care coverage on the following websites Service-Public (website of the French administration), the CNOUS (National center for university and school life) and from both LMDE and SMEREP.(student health coverage bodies)

Upon arrival, foreign students will be greeted by the Studies Supervisor. PARALLEL 14 has establish a buddy system within it’s walls so that each foreign student can benefit from the help and experience of a Parallel 14 local student throughout their stay. An inclusion week is organised, starting with a welcome party where the main teachers and students can meet.

(+596) 696 333 940