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3D industry businesses from Martinique get together for a « Digital Night » !

Saturday June 11th from 6pm to 9pm, « DIGITAL NIGHT » was The Place To Be !

Most of 3D imagery actors were gathered for the first time to this type of event, organized by Arômes Kréyol, a creative event agency and Parallel 14, a 3D Academy.

Indeed, there was no better place than Madin’Expo right at the corner of “Arts & Culture” to get to know the savoir-faire and creativity of those 3D genius :

– Jean-Marc Bullet & Michel Petris, TILAB / BULLET & ASSOCIES Fab lab & design agency
– Georges & Jessie Mercan 3D CONCEPT, 3D printing specialists
– Robin & Philippe DRONE CARAIBES, Photos, videos & aerial virtual trips
– Muriel Tramis AVANTILLES 3D, Realtime, VR, game and simulation
– Regis Guermeur BIM CARAIBES, Building Modeling Information. Consulting & Digital building modeling
James Reno 2D/3D graphic artist, generalist/director
– Alain Bidar PAGOD FILMS, Animation film production
– Martial Bazabas CAMPUS CARAIBEEN DES ARTS, Visual Art Institute
– Saïdou Bernabé et Yoane Pavadé PARALLEL 14, 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Videogame Academy.

Some of them weren’t physically there but honored us with their show reel such as :
– Julien Jean-Alexis, AGOOLOO STUDIO, funny games and apps, Paris based studio
– Jacky Félicité, IIKON FORMATION, 2D/3D training, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guiana
– Nicolas Augustin, DEVOXYZ, Interactive realtime media application

And for those who thought they had seen everything another surprise expected them. The Night ended up with the enlightment of a Hologram moving to the sound of drums and rythme of Vakaband (Various Karnival Band), a carnival band from Martinique. The hologram was made by the brilliant collaboration of Yoane Pavadé & Saïdou Bernabé, Parallel 14 founders, and designer Yannick Vérrès. It was memorable ! You had to see it to believe it !

A big thank you to Arômes Kreyol and the studios involved in the success of this « DIGITAL NIGHT ». Long life to caribbean 3D industry !

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