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Foreign students can Join Parallel 14 from the beginning of the Academic year (in october). To apply, each applicant must register online for the entry exams and forward the following to us :

• A resume ;

• A cover letter ;

• School reports for the last two semesters ;

• A portfolio.

Applicants will be contacted in a timely manner to set a date for the personal interview. The interview will be conducted via Skype or Google Hangout.

The applicant will get a definite answer within 72 hrs following the interview. In the event of a positive outcome, the applicant will be required to follow the steps listed below :

• Initiate a visa request with the Campus France office of your country of residence ;

• Return the contract and registration documents.

• Photocopy of valid passeport ;

• Your bank details (Account number or IBAN, SWIFT/BIC code…)

• A copy of a school attendance certificate for the last one you have been enroled in.

• 4 ID photographs

• written proof that you passed the TEF (Test d’Evaluation du Français)

1. To students who are not native French speakers : Bear in mind that 75 % of teaching related activities take place in French. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you master the language at a level equating level 3 in the Compulsory Sections of the TEF (Test d’Evaluation du Français www.francais.cci-paris-idf.fr) or any equivalent test. With your application, please provide the certificate attesting you have passed that test, if applicable. At PARALLEL 14, written tests will be proposed both in English and French.

2. Foreign degrees recognition : Those holding a foreign diploma must provide copies of : 1/ the original diploma (and/or transcript of the exam results) 2/ copies of a certified translation (in French) of the documents listed above . If sending the documents by airmail or email, the copies will have to be certified as being true to the original documents by an official body (police, mayor’s office….)… In the event you should come in person with the documents, make sure you bring both originals and copies (we will then be able to verify the true quality of the copies provided).

3. Contacter le CIEP (Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques) et le Centre ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) – NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) France : 1 avenue Léon Journault – 92318 Sèvres Cedex – FRANCE Phone: +33 1 45 07 63 21 Fax: +33 1 45 07 63 02 E-mail: enic-naric@ciep.fr Sites web : www.ciep.fr/ et www.ciep.fr/enic-naricfr/dossier.php

School tuition fees are determined each year and are listed in the registration contract.

For more information please see the Useful info section of our website.