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Preparatory program

To enter the foundation program, students are required to go through the Preparatory program at PARALLEL 14.

The preparatory program is spread over two years at the end of which students will have acquired the skill sets to be junior generalist 3D artist-technician or junior motion designer. They can then choose a specialty field with the help of the teaching staff according to their strong suits and wishes.

2 years – Full time

This program allows students to study a panel of subjects which together build the solid basis a student must understand and master in order to be able to grasp the added complexity of a specialist program. It is a generalist introduction to all the various subjects with a transversal approach to understanding their interconnexion, the mecanics of the techniques and the meaning of terminologies.

• Sketching,
• Visual culture,
• Programming,
• Photo,
• Video,
• English,
• Photoshop,
• Story Boarding,
• 2D Animation ,

• Cinema theory,
• character design,
• 3D modeling ,
• 3D Animation ,
• Lighting,
• 3D Rendering,
• After Effects,
• Compositing.