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Specialty program

Entering their third year, students are required to choose a specialty field between 3D Animation , Digital Special Effects and video game. Having acquired solid generic bases in these fields, they will be able to choose one of them to expand their mastery and knowledge of it for two years. Choice will be based on both preference and skill level in order to ensure our students successfully learn an array of technical professions such as the following :

2 years – Full time

This program’s goal is to teach students all the metholdology and technical skills required in the selected field.It will enable them to enter the job market with a full mastery of the skills attached to their specialty field, making them invaluable assets to any hiring company.

The 3D Animation specialist training is meant for artistic people with a deep passion for animation.Choosing to specialize in this field will lead you to get trained in concept design, story board, 2D animation , rigging, theater, 3D Animation.

Visual effects specialists often are people with a scientific background and display a deep passion for imagery and its aesthetics. Choosing this program, you will get fully trained in Texturing, shading, lighting, FX, rendering and compositing.

Specialising in video games is often the path chosen by science-minded students who have a passion for video games.Choosing this program, you will learn Game Art, Game programming, Game Design.